Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home Team and Hellos.

Every morning is like Christmas. I get up at the crack of dawn, stagger to the computer, and receive a gift. If I’m lucky, I receive two. The gifts are the kind letters of support for Made in Michigan. It’s very affirming and a phenomenal way to start each day.

I must let you know though I do not do this alone. Made in Michigan is a team. Actually, it’s more like a family. You hear from me or read my words but it’s the group that makes this work. Emil is my business partner and cofounder of the vision that became Made in Michigan. We’re polar opposites of each other in so many ways but together we find the balance to make this work. There are our spouses that faithfully support us and our children that we work hard for. In addition, there are instrumental people that work pro bono for us. They bring phenomenal talent to the table, diligently work hard, and are enormous supporters of this movement. Lastly, there are the many volunteers scattered about the state that do everything from generate membership to offer assistance on just about anything. To all of you, I extend my most sincere thanks.

We are the home team and we want as many people to be part of it. Recently, a woman told me that Made in Michigan was the daily bright spot in a world falling apart around her. That sentiment has been echoed several times from others. Times are tough, but my experience tells me that we, Michigan people, are that much tougher. I don’t believe that job losses, a credit crunch, or even a recession will keep us down. It won’t be easy, some days will be harder than others, but we will rise above it all. That’s how tough we are.

This is the time for Michigan to solidify its true identity. It’s time to lend a hand to each other. Buying Michigan made is only one part of it. Let’s pool our resources and redevelop this statewide community. Maybe it’s a hand with the snow or a ride to the store? Or, when the weather breaks maybe it’s an invitation for hot dogs and lemonade? It starts by walking next door and reintroducing yourself. I’ll start.

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  1. I agree so much with your post. I try to post about Michigan business and things unique about Michigan. I also post other little "brain belches" I call them. Can't help sometimes what comes out!!