Sunday, March 29, 2009

The 10 Things I’m Going to Accomplish in Michigan This Year

In no specific order, these are the 10 things I will accomplish this year. I added an 11th to challenge myself.

1. Go do something in the UP.
2. Visit the Detroit Institute of Arts.
3. Watch the sun set at Sleeping Bear Dunes.
4. Try 12 different independent microbrews.
5. Go mushrooming.
6. Purchase a vegetable share from a CSA.
7. Spend time on Mullet Lake with my family.
8. Go to an unusually themed festival.
9. Attend a county 4-H fair.
10. Share a meal with 50 people I have never met before.

11. Plan a Made in Michigan Thanksgiving meal with family.


  1. Where on Mullett Lake? As a child, I spent every summer at a family cottage in Mullet Lake Village!!

  2. I am are you going to pick 50 people you don't know to have dinner with?

  3. We have a place on the east shore off of M-33 just north of Aloha State Park.

  4. Doreen:

    We are traveling the state and meeting new people everywhere in our journey. I just introduce myself and listen to what they have to say. This usually happens over a meal. 50 people is a drop in the bucket.

  5. Thanks. I had no idea what a CSA was and after looking into the term am searching for one to join. It sounds like a great idea and a good way to get fresh, friendly produce while supporting Michigna and its farmers.