Monday, June 8, 2009

On The Road Series

At the Made in Michigan Movement, we want to be more than a website. We want to put real action behind the Movement in our name. We created the On the Road series for just that purpose. This series looks to show you different ways to focus consumer spending to keep your hard–earned dollars here in Michigan. Further, we want to highlight forward-thinking businesses that are not only fun, but also have a significant impact on their immediate and statewide community. Most, if not all of the businesses we spent time with were selected by the members of the Made in Michigan Movement. If at anytime it sounds or looks like we had fun, I assure you it was strictly business.

We shot video footage and took stills. The stills are now available on our Facebook page and the video is in editing. The annotation of the series begins in the following blog post and is shared in multiple entries. We hope you enjoy!

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